Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of Germany will defy FIFA by wearing a captain's hat during the 2022 World Cup

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of Germany will defy FIFA by wearing a captain's hat during the 2022 World Cup

Qatar's MADINAT ASH SHAMAL (AP) — Manuel Neuer, the goalie for Germany, plans to disobey FIFA's call for captains to wear only official armbands with predetermined phrases during World Cup games.

When questioned about overriding a new FIFA project supported by UN agencies at the Germany training camp, the seasoned goalie responded, "Yes."

According to playmaker Christian Eriksen on Saturday, Denmark is likewise not giving up.

The launch, which took place the day before the World Cup's opening game, appeared to be intended to replace a commitment made by European teams to wear their own armbands as part of an anti-discrimination campaign led by the Netherlands that called attention to the host country Qatar's laws and track record on human rights issues.

According to World Cup regulations, FIFA must approve and provide equipment like captains' armbands, but Neuer declared he would wear the "One Love" design even if it meant paying a fine.

"It's great that we have the power alongside other nations in western Europe," Neuer said.

FIFA announced its proposal on Saturday after going several weeks without openly responding to the Europeans' plea for permission to display the heart-shaped, multicoloured logo.

The soccer organisation stated that "these projects have taken into account feedback from our member associations who, like FIFA, are dedicated to leveraging the power of football to create positive change around the world."

At the quarterfinal stage, the only slogan that fits with the desire of the European teams is "NoDiscrimination." Within two hours of the news, Oliver Bierhoff, team director for Germany, stated that "the short notice is obviously surprising." "It appears that FIFA doesn't have a definite position."

Simon Kjaer, Denmark's captain, should start Tuesday's match against Tunisia while sporting the "One Love" armband. Eriksen, who was dressed in a simple black T-shirt for practise, remarked at a news conference, "What the ramifications will be, I don't know.

Denmark has the option of donning a black game shirt, the colour of mourning for migrant workers who lost their lives constructing the tournament's necessary infrastructure.

The director of Denmark's national sports organisation, Peter Moller, called the timing of FIFA's statement "a little bit weird." We believe the (armband) that we are using makes a stronger message, according to Moller.

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